12 Months Aftercare

12 Months Aftercare

Helping you transition into Life Back at Home

At Satori we firmly believe in the importance of being able to maintain the level of support that’s needed to best aid our recently qualified sober clientele back into their day to life.
As such we have put in place a fantastic purpose-built Network in order to help bridge the geographical gap that our Ex-Satori clients will face with them coming from all over Europe & sometimes further afield too.
We have both a personalised secure chat group run by our Team of Life Coaches, who post daily focussed thoughts at the start of each day. We find this encourages conducive chats to start & for members to post their own updates & share any news that they might also have with the group.
But where we feel that this incredibly support group really comes alive is during our Twice weekly Online Zoom Meetings. These take place on both a Wednesday & Sunday evening @ 7pm GMT.

The Meetings are hosted by our fantastic Satori Aftercare Team & feature many differing formats:

  1. Open Forum
  2. Workshops – covering Multiple Topics each week:
    • Relapse Prevention
    • Co-dependency
    • Self Esteem
    • Understanding our various Inner Voices
    • Managing our Work Environments
    • Anger Management Skills
    • Benefits of Routine – including writing “Daily Gratitude Lists”
    • Understanding our Triggers
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    You are one decision away from a totally
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    Addiction is a battle that no one should face alone. Satori Recovery is dedicated to providing you with the tools, resources, and support you need to overcome addiction and create a fulfilling life of sobriety

    With our comprehensive treatment program, you can experience freedom from addiction and reclaim control of your life. Don’t wait a moment longer – take the first step towards a brighter future by contacting Satori Recovery today. Your journey to lasting recovery begins here.


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